Cheap PC games in 2018

  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The first self-published release by Ninja Theory follows the travails of a female Pict warrior, as she travels to the Nordic version of hell to rescue the soul of her dead lover. Part fantasy action adventure, part psychological horror, the game is notable for its representation of the lead character’s psychosis, which both helps and hinders her progress.

However, reviews focused largely on the game’s combat and puzzle elements, which were cited as being repetitive, as well as the game’s relatively short length. But you shouldn’t let these minor irritations prevent you from sampling this beautiful, haunting and thoroughly thought-provoking fantasy, the liquor store near me.

  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands

You might think it odd to include one of Ubisoft’s major releases here, a game that stole the show at CES 2015 when it was unveiled. But on release, this tactical multiplayer shooter received mixed reviews, with the press commenting on the game’s repetitive missions and familiarity to other games in the Ubisoft canon. The early beta also received negative feedback from players, who slammed the game’s political stance, clichéd writing, endless collectibles and unrealistic vehicle controls.

  • Prey

On its release, Prey fell foul of the gaming press, which rightly focused on its negative aspects and was scored accordingly. This was largely down to review copies only being sent out 24 hours before it went on sale, so many reviewers were forced to rush through it and didn’t really experience the game as it should be played: slowly, cautiously, thoughtfully.

The enforced review schedule made people play Prey like a bad FPS when it’s actually a brilliant RPG — a shame for a game that took four years to develop. The title has since undergone a much-needed reappraisal, so if you thought you already knew about Prey… you don’t. Go grab a copy and find out for yourself. As far as cheap PC games go, this one is currently less than £20 online.

These are just seven of our favorite PC games from 2017 that now looks a bargain in 2018. There are undoubtedly more. Which overlooked gems would you recommend?

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